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Ship Fast

Optimized Tech Stack for Rapid Development and Quick Market Launch


One-Time Payment Integration with Astro v4 (SSR), Stripe, and Firebase


Astro App with Vanilla JS/TS, TailwindCSS, Flowbite, basic Astro explained

Powerful Firebase

Extensive Use of Firebase: Firestore, Firebase Storage, Firebase Functions

No Expensive Tools

No Special Hardware Required; a Computer with Any OS Is Fine

Custom AI

Custom AI Model (Not Just Generic OpenAI/Replicate APIs) Deployed with Serverless GPU (No Fixed Costs)

Everything Included

Complete Code, Deployment Instructions, and Detailed Explanations Provided, No GPU Required


Great Starting Point for Your Own Startup, Side, or Portfolio Project


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Content (5 Sections, 26 Videos):

  • πŸŒ… Introduction
  • - Introduction
  • - Architecture Overview
  • πŸš€ Astro Introduction
  • - Introduction
  • - Core Concepts
  • - Tutorials
  • - Basics
  • - Dynamic Routes
  • - API Endpoints
  • - Deployment of Astro Apps
  • πŸ› οΈ Building Astro Web App
  • - Installation
  • - Setting up Project
  • - Setting up Firebase
  • - Firebase + Stripe Integration
  • - Upload Logic
  • - Server Side
  • - Firebase Functions
  • - Deployment
  • πŸ€– Building AI Service
  • - Serverless Deployment
  • - Architecture
  • - From Script to Container
  • - Building a Container
  • - Creating an Endpoint
  • πŸͺ’Connecting Everything Together
  • - Updating Firebase Functions
  • - Why Email Service
  • - Why Mailjet
  • - Sending Emails from Firebase Functions

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